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This section is made for commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: This is my 1st tattoo, how should I prepare for my upcoming appointment?

A: First and foremost, you should moisturize the area getting tattooed even if you're weeks out from your tattoo.

Do no pre-shave the area. Bring only yourself to the appointment. Have a good nights sleep prior to appointment.

Be well fed/hydrated before as well. Bring along any food/drinks you'd like to have through out the appointment.

Bring along headphones if you choose to watch any entertainment you bring.

Q: I just got a tattoo finished, how do I maintain and look after my tattoo?

A: After leaving your appointment, I would recommend going home and removing bandage (if any was applied).

I always suggest cleaning tattoo under warm water with a colour/scent free hand soap, followed by running under

cold water for up to 30 seconds. I also suggest not putting any tattoo aftercare creams or ointments until the day

after. When you do apply any aftercare on your tattoo, I suggest applying a sparingly and light amount just to coat

the tattoo and have no left over cream left on the tattoo. Do this 3-5 times a day for about 7-10 days. After 10 days

you can use a standard moisturizer. DO NOT pick or scratch scabs or skin flakes. If they come off naturally that is

perfectly normal.

Q: Things I should not do after getting a new tattoo?

A: Things you should not do are followed whilst healing: Do not soak your tattoo, Quick showers are fine. Do not pick

or scratch any scabs or flakey skin. Do not expose your tattoo in the sun. If you work in the water, you should be

able to get bandages that may work as a temporary fix, If you work in the sun, I would just suggest covering up with


Q: How do I maintain a tattoo once it is healed?

A: Best things to do is just moisturize the tattoo daily. Nothing fancy needed. If you are in the sun a lot, use sunscreen

when possible. Sun is one of the worst things for a new/fresh/old tattoo.

Q: Can i bring a friend to my appointment to help with design/placement of the tattoo?

A: We do not allow friends to come along to you appointment as the studio is quiet tight on space, and it should

matter if you like the design or placement. Not your friend.

Q: I have a booking with you, can you send me through your design to me? What if I don't like it?

A: I generally only send designs out the week of your booking, as other clients also need to wait to see their designs.

As for changes in design, if its only a slight design change it can be done on the day of your booking. If it requires a

whole new element and imagery, this may require some extra time which may result in rescheduling your booking and an addition fees.